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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Started My Pineapple Bokashi For My BH !!!

(Fermentation of Pineapple plus Molasses for at least 3 months)

Recently a friend from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah provided me with his Bokashi formula.

He was relating to me about his recent discovery on what happened when he applied the Bokashi (EM).

He tasted the enzyme and it take very sour.

But he wanted to apply it inside his BH.

At first he was very reluctant however after thinking for some time he decided to proceed with it.

"I took a big risk however the Bokashi works well after applying them to those fake nests and the nests markings."

He quickly called me and ask me to do a small research on it.

He gave me the formula and ask me to ferment the fruits for a few months.

Today I took a bit of my time to prepare the pineapple fruits (4 pieces) cut them into small pieces and soak it inside about 10 liters of plain water mixed with molasses.

Must keep the mixture in a tight container so that those flies will not enter and lay their eggs.

Finished doing it a while a go and wanted to report on my blog.

Let us hope that within the next three months I will be able to test the enzyme.

Best of luck to me and the rest who  follow this blog.

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