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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brain Cancer And Cell Phone Usage !!!

If you are a mobile phone user you should listern to this report from Fox News.

The World Health Organisation have recently completed a US30 million report on the issue and claimed that the microwave emission from the cell phone do increase the number of users having brain cancer.

The over exposure to those microwave emission from the cell phone tend to effect the your body cell's DNA and will cause the cell difficulties in repairing themself.

Minimise direct contact with your head and take the necessary precautions.

Limit your usage to the minimum.

Do not let your young kids to carry a mobile phone at too tender age.

Do not place your mobile phone in the same room where you sleep.

Use those ear plugs when you wanted to have a long chat.

At home try to use the fixed line whenever you can.

Switch from one ear to another if you are on a long conversation.

If you can try not to attach the cell phone on your hip. Try to place them on the car seat when you are driving. A very long exposure to the emission will cause some kind of damage to your hip bone porosity and most likely will break easily.

His best advise was:

The mobile phone is here to stay. What you should do is to take precaution. Remember that they do emit those microwave emission and it is up to you to minimise the level of exposure it.

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