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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Swiftlet Talks On Jan 9th, 2010 at Quill 7, KL Sentral !!!

There were 18 participants and the conference room was superb.

The only problem that I accountered was no aircond on Sartuday.

Decided to move the seminar location to another suitable place nearby KL Sentral.

Most probably Sentral Hotel nearby.

Next monthly talks in KL will be on Sartuday February 6th, 2010

Take note on the date and these will be some of the possible topics to cover:

1) Common mistakes in a failed Birdhouse.

2) How to turn around your failed BHs.

3) Incubation of Swiftlet Eggs.

4) How to Improve Your BH nest qualities.

5) Gadgets That Can Help To Improve Your BHs.

6) Improve Your Nest Population By "TRANSLOCATION".

7) How To Improve the Quality of Of BH nests.

8) Proper Use Of Internal Sounds In Your BH.

9) The Perfect Ways Of Selecting the best sound for your BHs.

10) Which Aromas Will Fit Your New and Old BHs?

11) Fakes Nests: The Various Types and How To Use them ?

And Many more.......

If you think that you wish to attend the comming swiftlet talk, choose one of the above title and let me start preparing the powerpoint presentation.

Remember the next monthly talk will be of Sartuday February 6th, 2010

These are some of the pictures taken during the latest swiftlet talks at QUILL 7, KL Sentral

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