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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Recycled Nesting Planks Do Attract Young Birds !!!

While visiting one of those birdhouses, I saw this piece of plank nailed to the nesting plank.

I asked the owner what was this special outfit was all about.

His answer proved my old theory that if you recycle or transfer those nesting planks from your old BH to a new house the plank will be the chosen spot.

The plank must be with those nest markings.

The owner took a section of his nesting plank, about 10 inches long, with marking and screwed onto the nesting plank.

Within less then 3 weeks the young birds started to use the marking.

This was one of my many theories which I have been saying for quite some time.

If you have the opportunity to get those old nesting planks with nest marking use them. This is my sincere advise and I proof to you that it works.

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