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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Entrance Hole Size !!!

"Pak Harry, my new BH is about to be completed. My contractor is concerned over the size of the entrance hole.  Currently 3'X3' and he wanted to reduce to 2'X3'.  He is afraid of the owl entering the BH.  What is your advise?"

This message was send to me today by one of my blog reader based in Kuantan, Pahang.

My question is which one is more important?  Is it the owl or the swiftlet?

If your BH have nothing inside will those owl be bothered to enter? Oh may be they want to find a play ground for their babies?

Remember they enter your BH because those young chicks are an easy meal for them or their young one.

Don't you think it is more important to lure those swiftlet into the new house first and once the house is reasonably populated then you should be worried about those predators?

For my BH I will ensure that what ever things that can make those swiftlet come inside and stays I will simply give to them.  Please come in and make it your home !!!!

If you happened to be those swiftlet, which hole size do you prefer? Is it those tiny wienie hole of big giant hole?  I will go for the bigger size.  Say 4' by 5'.

A big hole you can later reduce the size with minimum disturbances to those swiftlet.  If you hole is so small can you make it wider without disturbing those birds?

Go for bigger size and get those swiftlet into your new BH first.  After your BH have a reasonable number of nests, say 100 then get ready with the owl protection gadgets.

You may want to employ a professional shooter to kill them, you can put sharp spikes on those latches where they will perch and perhaps install those fishing strings or steel bars about 10" apart at the hole.

So make a choice which is more important.

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Ben Gan said...

I believe an owl is a protected animal. If you kill or trap a protected animal, you may land yourself in jail. Think twice before you act.