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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Next Week Will Be In Sabah !!!

Been invited to view a number of agricultural land in Kudat, Sabah next week.

I hope after the two days site visit I can catch some people who wanted me to go through a few matters on swiftlet farming.

Those who would like to have a cup of tea please call 017 755 1318.

Just came back from Sungai Patani and wanted to rest for the night.

While in SP took some time to view a BH under revamp.  The BH inside the compound of a factory is very wide and those birds seem to have problems in staying.

Got some worker to erect some partitions, installed lots of tweeters and tested. The best was to observe how they flew inside the entrance hole with a 20"X20" tunnel.

Tomorrow will be at some place to carry out some measurements for a proposal to a shop house owner.

Prior to the journey a newbie would like to collect some fresh bird shits in Rawang.

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