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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Malaysian Owned BH In Vietnam: One f The Most Successful !!!


One of the most successful BH in Vietnam.

The BH was about 1 hour's drive from HCM city.  It was in fact in HCM territory.

Very interesting to note that the owner is a Malaysian married to a Vietnam girl.

Perhaps there will be more Malaysian soon since the rules in Vietnam are not that sticky as in Malaysia.  The birds are plenty and everyone were talking about how many thousand birds is in your BH.

This Mr Malaysian started with one but soon after he extended to three. (See the following Photos).

 He choose the Monkey house with side entries.  I think if you look from far he also have a top entry.

I wish I could have met him and ask how he started the swiftlet business.

Enjoy these pictures and video clips:

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