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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Five Stories BH Deep Inside A Plantation Area In Sungai Tiram, Johor !!!

While working on a BH located in Sri Alam, Masai, Johor, the owner wanted my opinion about a piece of land somewhere in Sungai Tiram, Johor.

"Pak Harry get ready to go for a bumpy road inside a palm oil plantation."

I was expecting the worse but after reaching the target location, I was pretty surprised.

Yes it was deep inside but along the road there were cement poles with electrical cable.

"Pak Harry the poles ended in front of a BH. Five stories and it belong to a rich man with at least 30 BHs."

This investor is not a normal person and after some investigation I came to know the owner.

He is a friend of mine who currently reside in Kota Tinggi, Johor.

He showed me his BH with dual entrances and have five five stories BH in Setiawan up for sale.

Very innovative and heavily into swiftlet farming.

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