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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
Calling for participants to this special Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah. You will be given the opportunity to learn and at same time to enter two BHs plus how to prepare MV3 aroma, Seminar will be held at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan Sabah. For detail please PM 0177551318

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Starting Work On Segamat BH This Friday September 19th, 2014 !!!

After a short rest and back in Kuala Lumpur, I told the Segamat BH owner that I will start work on his BH.

I carry out the BH inspection work and told the owner how he can perhaps improve the number of nests inside.

He claimed that after 3 years plus into operation his BH seems to have this stagnant nests population of about 100++.

What I recommended him to do were the followings:

1) He need to install two hexagonal tweeters above the top entry hole and on the roof top.

2) Those old external sound tweeters at the four walls of the top entry hole need to be replaced.  All were no longer functioning.

3) The connecting door between the top entry hole areas and the nesting room was a bit too big.  What I recommended him to do was to slightly reduce the size (width) but make it long (high).

4) He was using more than one type of external sound tweeters.  I told him to standardize to just one model.  This will help in ensuring that at any one time all his external sound tweeters are operating and with the same loudness.  By installing different types might make one of the brand to be louder while the other not effective.

5) Most of the nests found inside his BH were on the top floor.  The choice where the LAL should be located was wrong, I told him.  Right now those switflet were not flying above the LAL.  The only way to bring more birds to the lower floor is to force them to fly above the LAL and to do this I told him to extend the partition wall.

6) He can also bring those birds to the lower floor by manipulating the sound volume.  Currently he simply cannot do so since the whole BH is with one line connected to all the tweeters.  My advise to him was to split the cables.  At least one for each floor.

7) I found that his BH was a bit too bright especially the top floor.  I suggested the erection of a few walls on both the nesting floors.

8) One very common error found in many BHs is the not having adequate cross woods (nesting planks).  For this Segamat BH I explained to the owner how by installing these cross woods he will not only increase the nesting areas but also create more 90* joints.  Swiftlet loves 90* corners.  Give what they like and I guarantee that the more the 90* joints the more the nests numbers.

9) Another observation was the lack of internal sound tweeters.  These tweeters are essentially served as a bed to those young couples.  When they enter your BH those tweeters will be their main target.  The more you install them the more you will create the chances to increase the nests population.

10) I don't think there was any external sound tweeters inside all the nesting rooms.  I suggested to him to install a few.

11) I don't see any fake nest.  Fake nests are an essential gadget that can help those young couples to quickly build their first nest.  It will be something that a BH should have.  He need at least 100-150 pieces on each floor.

12) His humidifiers were operating by using a timer.  I don't agree to this method.  What I suggested to him was to use those humidistat auto controller.  He will get a better control on the BH humidity.

13)  As usual both his external and internal sound were never changed.  I quickly upgrade his internal sound to SuperBabyKing.  I told him that I will upgrade the external sound when I test all the good sounds in my collection.  The most effective will be my choice for this BH.

14) I can see that this BH is without any lightning auto start gadget.  I brought one unit today and will install for him.

15) I remember telling him that his 3 years old nesting planks need some cleaning.  Many of these planks are showing signs of dust on them.

16) His BH amplifiers are those using  CD players connected to amplifiers.  A very old concept and told him to upgrade.  The best is to operate the external sound using BZ 104 and a dual sound player BZ 206 for his internal sound.

17) I planned to split the tweeters arrangements into two.  Each floor will have two lines.  Once completed two separate sounds will be used to lure those wild birds.

18)  I was a bit concern about top entrance system.  I suggested to him to upgrade to a monkey house with two entrance windows.  However due to time constrain I told him to run the BH as it was until some 5-6 months.  If the nest growth was not satisfactory will consider the next course of action.

19) I will deploy the "Last Tango" sound system and have not decided on which tweeters will be connected to the stand alone amplifier.

20) The nesting planks of this BH shall be properly cleaned with mild salt water and applied with 2x pheromone liquid.

Just imagine the scope of works that will be done in this two floors BH.

I promised him that his nests numbers will doubled within 4-6 months.

Once I promised I need to make sure it will come true.

If you wish to come and visit during the revamp operation please call me at 017 7551318.

I will snap some pictures of the internal before and after the revamp works.

Let me show you my standard workmanship.

No one ever crazy enough to be like me.

Yes I admit to be a crazy BH guy !!!!

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