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Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Next Revamp Operation Might Be At This 4 Stories BH !!!

My next project might be sometime in late November 2014.

The project will be about 5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.

The four stories BH was inspected about one and half years ago and the owner keep reading my visit report with him.

His sad stories about how he started the BH and failed can be a good subject to talk about.

This can be used as a good lesson but at the same time a very sad story when the local bank rejected his loan application to revamp the BH.

I set down with the owner a number of times and every time we met I learned something from him.

He was an ambitious man however he fell into a  kind of trap.

When he first started about four years ago he was not that lucky.

He was recommended to a guy who claimed to be very well versed in swiftlet farming.

The very strange thing was that the "consultant' was recommended to him by the local agricultural department.

We managed to secure some financial assistance from the local Agriculture Bank and handed over all the money to the so called consultant.

The four stories BH was done to the best knowledge of the so call consultant however after 3 years into operation the number of nests inside was less then 10.

After the poor performances he engaged a number of well known local consultants to look into his problem.

All their effort went by without significant progress.

On the third year he came to know about a Seminar conducted at UPM he enrolled but it clashes with his trip to Mecca.

He forced his son-in-law to attend.

His son-in-law also owned a BH and facing nearly the same problem.

He was briefed by his son in law and requested UPM to inspect his BH.

I was given the green light by UPM to inspect his BH.

I wrote a long report to him and told him what I feel was wrong inside.

With the report in hand he approached the Agri Bank and submitted a loan application to revamp a BH that was initially finance by the same bank.

The Bank manager told him that he should have stayed away from swiftlet farming.

"This business is only for rich people and you should not be involve in this line."

This is the kind of bank managers who was elected to help financing agricultural project.

He was pissed with the bank attitude towards his problem and his only choice now is to use his own saving.

This is why I always says that Swiftlet Farming is a "Neglected Industry".

These so call officers are not committed or find a way to solve the miserable guy with a failed BH.

In the mean time his son in law who attended my talk took a positive way.

He approached me for help and quickly engaged my service.

After less than 3 weeks his nests population doubled.

The lower floors that were never visited by those swiftlet are now with a number of nests.

Something that never happened before.

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