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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

TK BH: How To Tackle Dryness Problems !!!

(High end Humidistat German Made)

Most BH after 3-4 years into operations will face this very common problem : Dry BH.

When your BH is too dry, the nests will crack and is not safe for staying.

Beside with serious cracks all the nests inside your BH will also be very brittle or easy to break.

Remember those nests that were erected cannot handle more than one bird (fully matured) staying inside at any one time.

So you can imagine those two baby birds growing inside the small nest and within 4-5 weeks their body size will not be able to stay inside but to move to the side of the nest.

They literally cling to the nest wall.

Can you imagine what will happen if the nest is too brittle and lots of cracks on them?

The two fellows will have a tough time to stay alive.

If they are lucky they might survive and fly out of their home on the 45th day.

If they are not lucky the nest wall will break and both or one of them will fall to the floor.  That will be the last day of their life.

There are many more hazards when those nests starts to crack or some portion torn apart.

One very common danger is to have their leg entangled at those holes or cracks.

If they cannot release their leg it will be their end too.

I have seen this type of death in many dry BHs I have visited.

You can safely observed that the floors are totally dry and nearly all the humidifiers were no longer operating.

If you should hose the floor with water I can guarantee you that within a short minutes the water will become dry as if you have never hose them.

This is why all BH owners should be concerned about.

If you allow your BH to continue be dried there is a very strong possibility that your young birds will not return to their birth place.

In their mind they know that the BH where they were born is dangerous and is not fit to be their house.

Your dry BH will soon experience either a stagnant nests population or in many cases the nests numbers starts to reverse.

TK BH faced a very similar situation.

The first time when he talked to me on the phone he did mentioned about his dilemma.

"Pak Harry at first the nests starts to grow very well but after 3-4 years they literally stop growing."

The moment he mentioned the word 3-4 years I know the possible reason.

Yes after 3-4 years his BH became too dry and he did not take any measures to ensure that it is wet especially in the BH (his BH rooftop and monkey house roof was with water pool).

I suspected a few things but I told myself to carry out an inspection and tell him what I know about why his nests numbers stop to grow.

First on my list was that all his humidifiers were not functioning.

I was totally wrong.  He did not have a single humidifier on the floor.  Oh oh !!!

There was no water pool or wet floor too.  Oh oh !!!

So how did he wet his BH?

He uses those rubber hose hung on the wall of the BH (inside) and connect to the water pipe via a garden water gadget timer.

The rubber hoses were drilled with tiny holes so that the water that flows inside will leak out and wet the walls.

Hmm  something very new and it seems to be not working.

I finally discovered that he did not change the operating batteries and all his gadget were not working.

I told his to discard the idea and move to the very conventional method using those chicken coop humidifiers.

The only different is that I forced him to use a high quality humidistats (German made) to control the humidity.

Each floor will not have three humidifiers except the top with only two.

Each floor will be using a humidistat.

Beside making sure the humidifiers will do its duties I added a few ideas on how to get the BH wet.

What I told him was to clean all those dirt found on each floor and after the cleaning operation you literally spray water on the walls and the floor.

Do this every day for about three to four days twice in one day.

The water applied will be either absorbed by the cement or evaporates due to the heat inside the cement walls and floors.

After the three days you will find that the water will not be easily dried as the first few days.

They will make the floor remain wet and the BH now will be humid.

The humidifiers will now served you better and will not be into operation mode too often.

This wetting operation should be done every three to four months especially once your BH crossed its 3-4 years of operation.

Remember once you do this wetting operation your BH nests now will be wetter and less cracks.

This will encourage those young birds to return to your BH to start their family.

You can ignore this special recommendation and you will find that most of your young birds will not return home once they took their first flight out of your BH.

Please proof that I am wrong !!!

For more explanation please call 017 7551318

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