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Friday, October 17, 2014

Three Feedback From Three Different BH Owners !!!

The best person who can tell you that your idea is working is your blog followers.

Last week three person "Whatsapp" their findings after following my recommendations.

The first came from Kuala Trengganu, Trengganu.

His message was like this:

The guy above met me while I was visiting Felda Belara in Kuala Trengganu.  He sat down with me and fortunately recommended his friend to allow me to inspect his sick BH.

The same day I met both to submit my visit report.  He listened to what I have in mind and followed some of my ideas.  One of them was the use of fake nests.

Now he sees the improvements.

This came from Keningau, Sabah :

Frankly I have never meet this Keningau BH owner.

We have be talking and exchange messages via whatsapp.

He diligently followed my recommendations and his BH nest population now hit 100.

At one time he wanted to give up the BH.

Another guy from Kota Kinabalu uses the 2X super pheromone.

His last message was like this:

I think without my inspection he is doing well but what if I was given the chance to pin point to him what is wrong inside his BH?

After the message he did invite me to come over for my expert service.

I told him that his decision is wise and let me help him to increase the nests population at a much better rate.

I think I can increase the monthly growth from 5 to perhaps 15 or 20 a month or more......

I am planning to fly to KK soon.

If you own a BH and is facing difficulties in populating them just call me at 017 7551318.

My opinion will be worth every penny that you pay.

Call me now !!!

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