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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How To Select The Right Sounds !!!

Sorry for not writing for a few days.

Today I wanted to write about this question on how to select the right sound for your BH.

This morning read a message from Sarawak and this sender wanted to know which sound to be used for his new BH.

He purchased a set of 5 sounds in 2011 and now his BH is ready to operate.

Well he took more than 3 years to complete his BH.

I cannot remember the transaction even in total.

What I told him was something like this.

What you should do is to get your sound system at your running.

The external tweeters were installed and connected to your amplifier.

Run the five sounds one by one for about 5-10 minutes.

Try to give a gap of about 5-10 minutes when you change the sound.

Before you start the testing get a piece of paper and write the name of all the five sounds.

You need to provide adequate space to record the effectiveness of these sounds.

Once you play them try to check how many birds responded to the sound and how many enter your entrance hole.

You need to carry out the procedure one by one and record on the piece of paper.

Once you have completed try to list which one is the most effective and which are those that are not effective.

The effective sounds will be your main target to pull those birds inside your BH.

These selected sounds have some kind of attraction to the birds specie found at your BH location.

So you now have the best, the good, the average and the least effective.

Chose the best and the good as your BH sound.

Try to play them for a few months and once they are no more effective change to the second best.

Remember the one you have just changed can be reused after a few months.

Try this method and I am sure you will have some nests inside your BH.

I also advised him to get more new sounds.

After three years I do have some new sounds that might be suitable for his BH.

Call 017 7551318 for more details.

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