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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Latest On The Effectiveness of "Black Cloud" In Kuching

Well today is my rest day and most of the time at home doing some reports for a couple of guys whose birdhouses I visited.

While busy with my reporting received this SMS from Kuching Sarawak:

"Pak Harry, I am Mr.N from Kuching. I attended your monthly talk on Jan 7th 2010 at KL Sentral. Firstly I would like to thank you for the free sound "Special 2010".

I have been using your "Black Cloud" for almost 3.5 months now, playing from 4 pm till 8pm. Its outcome is very good especially the first few weeks. The birds really got attracted to my BH and Frenzy inside the BH especially on those tweeters. Now although birds in the air may not be as many as the first time the outcome is still satisfactory as I observed that new birds (althought not as many as before) are still being attracted/recruited regulary into my BH. Overall BC is still a choice sound. That is my feedback to you on the BC. Thanks and best regards.

Mr N"

Hmm .... not that bad and I am happy for him.

The important thing is that the BC is still effective even after 3.5 months. Every day there will be new young birds attracted to enter the house.

This special sound is still available to all my blog readers........

Call 017 755 1318 or email your request to

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