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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Please Proof Me Wrong !!!

Another interesting message about how to increase the nests population in a 1 year and two months old BH.

"Pak Harry I have been operating my BH for almost 1 year two months and the number I got so far was 59 nests. How can I get the number increase. Please help?"

Hmm.... I thought to myself how to challange this person to a duel.

Proof Me Wrong.

Well what I did was to challange him to carry out a force harvest technique.

Once he have done that shut the BH for three months and come back to count the new number of nests in his BH.

I told him that there should be an increase of above 12 nests or perhaps more.

I told him to take the challange and proof that my theory is wrong.

He reply was "Thank you very much for being so honest and happy chinese new year"

I shall wait for his outcome and I am pretty sure that I will win......

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