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Friday, October 14, 2011

My Home Computer Was Done For A Couple of Days !!!

I was out of action for a few days when my home computer connection was out.

It seems that the modem supplied by TM unify was a bit overworked and burned.

Yesterday a new modem was installed, a much larger with more ventilation holes.

There were a number of new activities that I have been busy with.

The first was to assemble my workers to pack and move to Kuala Krai.

The second activity was the monitoring of a BH in Karak, Pahang.

The base of a 30'X80'X3stories was about to be ready.

The site supervisor seems to be facing with too much rain.

The construction was a bit slow and the owner is not very happy with the progress.

Have a look at these pictures and you will see the progress.

Those who wish to visit the site please let me know.

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