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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A BH In Brunei That Is Doing All Right !!!

I remember visiting Brunei to help a guy by the name of Vincent on swiftlet farming in Brunei.

What I remembered was that after three days running around with him and the birdcall sound system we gave up.

My conclusion was there was not a sign of them in Brunei.

I advise this person to look or invest some where else.

He went down to Pontianak Indonesia and bought a land and erected his first BH.

Suddenly this interesting development came to my mobile phone.

"Pak Harry I would like to try your Super Pheromone and my BH is in Brunei.  There are only three BHs here and the other two are empty."

He was so thrilled that his BH using marvelous cloud is running well.

I have courier a package of those super pheromone for some test.

I hope he will share with me his experiences after apply the Super Pheromone in Brunei.

I have a very strong feeling that it will work since it works well in Sabah and Sarawak.

He wanted me to share some pictures recently send to me:

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