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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One Way To Attract More Birds Into Your Monkey House Areas, Why Not? !!!!

A small chat with one of my disciple from Ho Chi Min City Vietnam.

"How are your Pak Harry" his first question.

I am fine and how are you.

"Good , as well" he immediately replied.

He was trilled with my response.

"The super pheromone liquid is really good so far." he follow up reply.

" All of the users praised the product." he continued.

I wanted some idea about the use of super pheromone.

' Should think of new ways of using it.' I expressed my desire.

"You have any new ideas?" he was trying to pull my leg.

"I have tried something new by using the chicken coop humidifier to spray." he answered.

' Not a bad idea' i told him.

"The result is pretty good" he explained.

'Any kind of extra ordinary things that happened?' I asked.

"You can refer to this video clip"

"It was captured at the spraying time" he confirmed.

I think you all should watch it here and hopefully this will make a new chapter to your method of improving your BH nests population.

Let me know if you wanted to know more about the method he applied.

Call Harry at 017 7551318

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