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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Prefer More Of The 90* Corners !!!

 (90* Corners with 90* fake nests sprayed with super pheromone)

If you wish to lure more birds to stay give them what they love to have.

Beside giving them the thing they love you add additional gadgets to make them quickly erect their nests.

Precisely what I did inside this Sungai Rambai (SR) BH.

One of the thing which attract many birds are the 90* corners.

I could not find any at SR BH since the contractor covered them will those curved corners.

What I did was to select those crossings which I think will be a good choice for those young birds.

Once identified I will remove the 90* curved corners and make sure the surface were cleaned and free from any nails.

The wood will be wire brushed and I will then install those 90* styrofoam fake nests.

The idea is to give what they love to have and at the same time add additional gadget that will secure their stay.

Oh yah I also spray some Super Pheromone liquid on the fake nests.

Have a look at these photos and may be you should think about doing the same.

(First select)

(Remove the curved corners)

 (Install the 90* styrofoam corners)

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