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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
Calling for participants to this special Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah. You will be given the opportunity to learn and at same time to enter two BHs plus how to prepare MV3 aroma, Seminar will be held at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan Sabah. For detail please PM 0177551318

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A BH At Mampong Rembau N9 !!!

(Look at the BH walls.  Covered with a layer of orchid mat to prevent wild birds from entering the air pipe holes)

The owner of this BH attended my Productivity Seminar held at Grand Beach Hotel, Port Dickson recently.

Both husband and wife attended.

After inspecting the outside and inside I would say that this BH can do well if the owner take some precautions on the following observations:

1) The three stories BH was DIY (20' X 50' x 8' ceiling height) and faced a very big challenge to get those birds into the house.

2)  The main entrance hole is a top opening (about 4' x 5') on the roof area facing the west side of the building.

3) During my visit the hexagonal tweeter (DIY unit) was not functioning.

4) The BH was put into operation about 2 years and with only 10 nests.

5) Most of the nests were on the top floor (8 pieces) and 2 nests at the ground floor.

6) The middle floor was with zero nest.

7) The owner recently cleaned the floor and with the cleaned floor there were a number of fresh new markings on them.

8) The BH uses this special red bricks (unbaked) that were with special holes in it.

9) During the visit the sound used was Super Vacuum (external) and SuperBabyKing (internal).

10) The two LAL holes were well located however there were not enough external sound tweeters around its perimeters to lure those birds to make the right decision to fly downstairs.

11) The number of internal sound tweeters seems to be adequate and arranged in clusters.

12) There was no external sound at the back of the nesting rooms.

13) All the three floors needs some light blocking walls.

14) The owner uses those chicken coop humidifiers to humidify his BH.  Each floor he installed one unit.

15) The owner used those orchid netting to cover the mouth of his air ventilation pipes from the outside.

16) The top floor seems to be with very little air movements.  He covered nearly all his air venlation pipes with plastic.

17) He started those insect generating system but on a small scale using my breed and condense milk mixture.  It was doing pretty well however I asked him to look into going to a larger scale.

After observing the various signs on the floor and the ceiling I told the owner on the following issues:

a) His prime objective now is to populate the lowest floor.  Main reason being the floor will be the most conducive with proper temperature, humidity and dark.  His duty is to lure those birds to fly above the first LAL and pull them downstairs.

b) All the three floors have some brightness problem.  I showed his the lines where he should erect those walls (partitions).

c) One basic mistake which is common to almost all BH owner is to have external sound tweeters installed at the end of the nesting rooms.  His current external sound tweeter ended at the staircase area and nil at the back of the rooms (all the 3 floors the same).  I pin pointed to him where to install a set of 2 units on every floor.

d) One very strange observation was that where those birds choose the tweeters (internal sound).  Both he and myself found that the old and new birds seems to have a special interest on those tweeters at the west part of the floor.  I know why.  "If I am not mistaken you connect your line to those tweeters at this part of the line?  Those tweeters nearest to your amplifier will be louder as compare those at the end of the line."  You know what he answered.  Yes Pak Harry you are right.  I told him to do the opposite.  Disconnect the connecting point and push it to the back.

e) I asked him to quickly changed his hexagonal tweeter.  Since I brought one unit in my car I quickly asked him to replace the old unit.

f) One very strange observation after the inspection was on how those birds suddenly got excited with the BH.  "Pak Harry it seems that they know that you are coming.  Very rare that they behave like this" .  Frankly this is nothing new to me.  I described to the BH owner on what I did with the amplifiers inside his BH.  I tweaked his bass, mid and treble knobs.

g) During the break served with tea and biskut keras plus some quinen fruits I laid a few ideas about how to go a bit bigger with those insect generating methods.  What I told him to do is to concentrate on overly ripe pineapples.  Get them about 10-20 pieces every 10 days.  Cut them into small pieces and put them into a few containers.  Soak them with some water and sprinkle about 1 pack of yeast.  Once that is done try to squeeze them and pull the flesh to the middle of the containers.  Let the water mixed with yeast at the sides.

h)  He might need to spray some walls aroma on the floor and walls.  I plan to provide him with the formula on how to mix and spray.

i) He currently opted in the deploying of fake nests using my NKS recommendations.  (He remember my talk at Port Dickson).  My recommendation during the visit was to install them at those tweeters as many as he can.  He will still need to carry out the NKS to those places which  were yet to be installed with any fake nests.

Promised to write a visit report for him and told him that what he needed now is to follow all my recommendations and at the same time keep me inform on what is happening.

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