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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sedili BH: My Plan Was To Bring In More Birds !!!

(Used to be like this)

(After additional fake nests it looks more attractive)

After about 19 months the number of birds nests shot up from only 2 to 120.

Most of these new nests were located on those fake nests.

Rough estimate of birds inside I think was around 300-400.

I told the owner to let them multiply until we get at least 1000 birds staying.

This will be equal to about 500 nests or so.

To meet this target I personally deploy a total of 300 new fake nests.

My  target were two beam to beam section of the top most floor.

I deployed both the industrial rubber, 90* styrofoam fake nests and rectangular shape fake nests.

The nesting planks lined at the beams were my main target.

Every nesting wood gap will be installed with at least one fake nests.

My second target were those internal sound tweeters.

This time I did something which I never though before.

I installed rubber fake nest just above those internal sound tweeters.

A test to see if they can quickly adopt this BH as fast as they can.

I hope by next trip the percentage of fake nests occupied will be at least 10% -20%.

If that happened reaching 1000 nests within a few short month is possible.

There are still many beam to beam sections that were not touched or installed with fake nests like the two selected.

How I wish I have the time to install more.

Maybe during my next trip I might be able to spend more time to install on more beam to beam sections.

Have a good look on what I did and let us see how fast they will be tenanted.

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