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Saturday, December 8, 2012

An Interesting BH With Nice Verandah On Its Roof !!!

Another interesting designed BH located somewhere near a padi field closed to Langkap, Perak.

I was on the way for the first time to Langkap and saw something unusual.

A BH with a kind of verandah on the top most floor or perhaps its roof top.

The owner wanted to use the top floor as a place to rest or perhaps his house on the top most floor.  This will give him a nice view all around.

Well he might have a good view but what do you think those swiftlet feels.

If the main entrance hole is a hole on the wall I think it will be all right but if he uses a top entry design you can guess what will happen.

The Verandah will also block the bird's movement and I think it is not a good idea but who knows.

Best of luck to the owner of this BH.

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