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Swiftlet Farming Seminar Tang Dynasty Hotel !!!

Swiftlet Farming Seminar Tang Dynasty Hotel !!!
Come and start your year 2018 with Pak Harry. By attending his seminar you will be adequately prepared to face the challenge to manage your BH. Those who are new will be able to learn about how to get their BH well located and designed. You will learn how to pull more birds into your BH in a very short period of time. You will have lots of ammunitions to fight with your neighbors. You will learn how to prepare those BH aromas. You will also be able to visit a BH with lots of nests. Set the two days for your to fly home with lots of knowledge. The one and only one who will share his invention with others.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

It Was About To Take Off But Stopped By Local Council !!!

After second revamp operations this new BH was put into operation.

Unfortunately it received an specific instruction to stop operation.

I know for sure that the revamp works were okay and lots of birds will enter the BH.

During my initial revamp works I found that those birds have difficulties in entering the BH.  The sharp turning to enter the nesting room makes those birds have lots of difficulties in finding the entrance window.

I suggested to the owner to rework on the ceiling and relocate the entrance window into the nesting room.

He gave me the green light and I took my boys back to realign the windows, roof slanting correction, erection of a box to prevent those bright lights into the nesting room and rearranged a number of tweeters and fake nests.

After about two days the work were completed.

Just after three weeks the signs on the BH floors were promising.

More than 5-9 bird shits markings below those external and internal sound tweeters.

The sad thing was this letter from the local council to shut the bird house operation within 14 days.

I told the owner the precise thing to do and his final decision will be vital.

It was a sad thing to happen but I am sure there will be a solution.

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