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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This BH will Be Very Bright And Will Not Work !!!

Something that I came across during my recent visit to MAHA agriculture exhibition in Serdang, Selangor.

There was this area with a sizeable compound and there was a BH mock up with glass panel that your can see through.

I think the intention to show visitors how it looks like inside a BH is good however I think the chances for it to work might be very slim.

The size was a bit too small and short.

If the chances is slim why are they being display it?

The entrance hole area were not properly partitioned and those light will pollute the nesting room.

Remember my rule of the thumb the light in your nesting room should be dark enough so much so if you stand about 2 feet apart you cannot see each other's face.

This BH will fail and I think even if those birds entered they will not be your tenant.

They cannot risk with their eggs and babies from those predators.

What surprise me is the lack of knowledge on the part of Jabatan Veterinar on this simple requirement.

How are we going to ask for their help if they don't know a simple basic?

My recommendation to Jabatan Veterinar is to be a bit more responsible to improve our Swiftlet farming industries.

How I wish they recognize their short coming and try to improve and raise their knowledge before we can approach them for the right advises.

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