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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bukit Kepong BH : How To Prevent Those Owls From Entering Your BH !!!

This idea was used at Bukit Kepong, Muar, Johor.

I was told by this BH owner that his BH was recently attacked by owls.

The damage done was very serious and he quickly got his boys to do something about it.

What he informed me that he prefer the installation on this wires at all his entrance holes (3 all together).

According to him this method proof to be the most effective.

More effective than those electrical shock wires.

The wires used were those embedded in a layer of plastic.

The wires must be upright and not on the sleeping mode.

They must be about 8.5" apart since those swiftlet are about 10" tip to tip.

I watched the swiftlet flying in and out and it was true that they do not have any difficulties to fly in and out.

A very interesting method and I think you should try to follow this idea if you have owls problems.

Beside the wires he also put up a few netting around the BH.

It was something like those volleyball netting.

Love to share some of this useful method to prevent BHs from being attack by predators.

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