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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kulim BH: A New Year Surprise Visitors !!!

Last night received this pictures from a BH owner from Kulim Kedah.

He claimed that there has been some new group of swiftlet entering his BH however he also received these unwanted visitors.

His uncle shot three so far in 2015 and I think they will be more to come.

If you look at the picture carefully you know that they are now owl but more like a a hawk.

Google search give you something they called sparrowhawk.

They capture their pray in the air and in this case during the returning home time.

They will come before dusk and wait for swiftlet returning home.  Once they ready they will swoop catching your swiftlet.

The BH owner was very lucky since his uncle is a sharp shooter.

Every evening when they see these hawks they will get the sharp shooter to eliminate these birds of pray.

I remember a few months ago while revamping the same BH the sharp shooter shot at least 2 out of the durian tree branches.

Hope there will be lesser and will not frighten away those swiftlet.

One method that you might want to install around your BH if there are many birds of prey will be these netting.

I took this picture when I was at Bkt Kepong BH.

The owner claimed that they have so far captured 5 owls using the suspended netting.

Hawk leftover will look something like this on the floor:

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