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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
Calling for participants to this special Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah. You will be given the opportunity to learn and at same time to enter two BHs plus how to prepare MV3 aroma, Seminar will be held at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan Sabah. For detail please PM 0177551318

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Important List Of Priorities For A Successful BH !!!

Yesterday one question was posted by a participant during my once a two months Swiftlet Farming Seminar.

"Pak Harry based on your experience what will be the important priorities in having a successful BH?"

A very intelligent question and the right answer given was as follows:

Put the following as you main priorities:

1) A good set of sounds. 
    Both the external and internal must be properly selected. If you can try to get at least 5 or 10 good external sounds and 3 internal sounds in your sound library.
    My recommendation is to purchase these 5 external sounds (Marvellous Cloud, King Kong, Super 208, Black Cloud and Pukau)
   For internal sounds : SuperBabyKing, Baby King and Super Colony.

   If you don't know where to get call 017 7551318 and ask for "Pak Harry"

2) Right location. 
    The location chosen in below their flying path or beside a water source with lots of bird coming to find food.
    Buy a test gadget and use Duress sound to check the number of birds responding to the tests. Make sure there are at least 250 birds.
    Once there are enough birds start looking at the flying path.  How many bird fly above the piece of land every evening.
    The number of birds flying above the land should be at least 500 birds.
    If you do not know how to call this number 017 7551318.

3) A properly designed BH with its entrance holes facing the flying path.
    You BH must meet the minimum design criteria to make those birds easy to fly from the entrance hole to the VIP rooms.
    The main entrance hole or window must face their flying path (evening time).
    The BH total high must be taller than the surrounding trees.

4) The temperature below 30*C but higher than 26*C.
     If your BH internal temperature exceed 30*C there is a very strong chances that your BH will be vacated by those birds.
    Try to introduce the double wall concept when you erect the walls of the BH.
    Monitor the internal temperature regularly and if there is some irregularity find the heat sources and eliminate the areas (cover them with heat shield).

5) Darkness of your VIP room is dark enough where you cannot see each other when you stand two feet apart.
    There is no need to buy expansive gadget to measure the darkness.
    Stand two feet apart and see if you can see each other.  If you can see than that is not good enough.
   You need to do something to reduce those light further.

6) The proper humidity. 
     Range should be above 85%RH but not more than 95%RH.  Use proper humidifiers control an an auto sensor.
    Humidity should be maintained between 85%RH - 95%RH.
    Now days there are many gadgets that are available to set the range.
    Concentrate on your VIP room first.
    Use at least one but I prefer 2 humidifiers controlled by a auto humidity controller and sensor.

7) Look Out for any Pests or Predators.
    You need to reduce any attack from Owl, Gackos, rats, ants, cockroaches, spiders, Hornbill, snakes, crows, etc.
    Once your population is packed and these predators start to attack you might loose all of them.
    Try to gather as much knowledge as possible on how to fight them.
     If you are sure call 017 7551318.

8) Conditioning of your BH.
    If your BH is new try to condition the smell in your BH by spraying some aroma that you can make yourself.
   The best is the Mutiara Aroma.
   Spray your new BH for at least 3-5 times or everyday once for 5 days.
   If you do not know how to prepare the aroma get hole of Pak Harry.

9) Provide everything that can encourage those swiftlet to build their nests.
    Install at least 100 to 150 internal tweeters per floor.
    Install at least 100 fake nests per floor.
    Spray the super Pheromone once a month.
    Install about 100 waste wood corners per floor.
    Install at least two chandelier tweeters per floor.
    Install those kite tweeters about 4 per floor.
    Guide those birds to VIP room using chocolate bar tweeters.

10) Monitor your BH progress professionally.
   Get someone to guide you on how to monitor your BH professionally.
   You need to get a qualified third party to inspect your BH on a regular basis.
    Every time he visit ask him to submit a written report on his findings plus his recommendation on how to rectify the findings.
    If you have no one that you can trust call 017 7551318.

In the event that you have any problems with your BH call 017 7551318.

I am sure something can be done to improve the number of nests inside your BH.

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