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Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Sound Can Increase Your Rooftop Activities !!!

Two video clips showing how swiftlet react to a new sound that I named OMG (Oh My God).

They seems to make a circle in front of the entrance hole and once heavy enough a leader will swooped in and a few will follow.

Have a look at the second clip nearly the same reaction.

This two clips proved that the sound OMG can make your entrance hole or roof top area full of activities.

After two days the same actions seems to be continued.

I am of the opinion that if your BH have very little activities on its rooftop try to play this sound.

It will make your neighbours jealous.

There is no proof that it will immediately increase your BH nests population but we shall report on that after a few months.

Call 0177551318 for more details.

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