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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bagan Serai Two Stories BH Latest !!!

The owner of the stand alone two stories BH at Bagan Serai Perak have the following to say when asked hows your BH doing so far:

"Look ok"

"Lots of bird shits"

"After two months no visit"

I told him that I am glad that those birds have finally accepted his BH and they are staying.

It is a matter of time when those nests will be built and ready to have eggs in them.

The BH was completed last year and due to very high temperature inside the owner decided to cover the BH with those metal roof sheet.

It looks more like a BH with a green blanket around it.

Temperature now within 29-30*C.

Only after that the birds started to be show interest with the BH.

After two to three months of operation his humidifier's timing were making the BH too wet.

This allows those fungus to grow all over the nesting planks.

He started washing them away by using salt water and sprayed all the fake nests with my super pheromone.

The result so far is encouraging and it is a matter of time when he will get some nests.

I was surprised that the sound that I used from the beginning until now is still effective.

Have a look at the latest video clip posted on a facebook:

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