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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pantai Remis BH: Planted 3 New Figs Trees !!!

I took back from SP a few of those Figs stems which was air layered.

The roots were long and ready to be transferred to the ground.

Two was sent to Tawau, two was planted in Dengkil, two at Karak and the last three ended at Pantai Remis BH compound.

I wanted them to be planted before my trip to Sabah.

If they are left unattended inside those pail I would think that they will be dead by the time I reach home.

So decided to plant them at Pantai Remis.

Dig three holes about a foot deep and poured them with water two times.

Once the holes were properly wet I planted the stems.

To make sure that they have some kind of protection from direct sunlight I covered them with coconut leaves.

Let us hope that they will grow well.

I hope this BH owner will appreciate all the effort that was done for his BH.

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