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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kepala Batas BH: Time Lapse Video Clip !!!


Something that was never done before.

I used my iPhone time lapse video apps.

Looks fast but interesting.

Just look at the number of birds responding to the dual sounds used at this BH.

The monkey house revamp operation was completed after almost three days.

Now giving more attention on the nesting roving and the nesting rooms.

Main target will be the 2nd and the 3rd floor.

This BH is almost 30' X 100' and about 8 feet tall per floor.

Each floor can accommodate about 9,600 nests (80 kg) if fully occupied.

I choose the 2nd floor as priority since the signs indicated that this is their favorite floor.

The number of nests inside was not more than 30 after fours years into operation.

This is not a good example of a good BH.

The owner wanted some help and I was asked to turn it around.

A very interesting BH to apply all those new techniques to lure thousands of birds flying out there.

Call me if you wish to visit the BH.

My phone number if 017 7551318

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