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Monday, November 10, 2014

Snakes, rats, monitor lizards and frogs !!!

Finally those rubbish thrown around the BH were burned and removed.

As expected these load of rubbish, mainly zinc sheets and its supporting woods, were once the BH roof top.

It was blown down during a heavy thunderstorm.

What the owner did was to put them around his BH and allow those pests to breed.

During the rubbish removal we came across a number of poisonous snakes (king cobra and cobra) hiding or perhaps hunting for their favorite snacks (rats and frogs).

There were also those not poisonous snakes that climb into the BH.

Killed two of them and hopefully there will be lesser after the rubbish clearance.

The woods were burned and the zinc will be put as a free give away to those who pass the BH.

A good lesson here is that keep your BH surrounding clean so that you will not have a breeding center of those pests (poisonous snakes).

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