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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Edible Figs Fruit Tree From A Nursery !!!

These pictures were taken two days ago when I was in SPatani.

During the holiday managed to have a good look at a young fig tree planted in a pot.

This young tree is doing well and all the leaves are new.

It seems that when it was first planted all the old leaves dried and shed away.

The new leaves looks fresh and big.

You can also look at those young buds young leaves growing on the top.

I have not decided where it will be planted but there are a few people who have called to buy it.

I need to work extra hard to get more young trees so that I can help to propagate the trees to more swiftlet BH s.

To those who wanted to purchase the tree please let me know so that I can arrange to plant more ....

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gunung jerai said...

The plant (ara) symbolized a bond of friendship.