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Swiftlet Farming Seminar Tang Dynasty Hotel !!!

Swiftlet Farming Seminar Tang Dynasty Hotel !!!
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No Sounds Means No Birds !!!

Just wanted to share something that happened to one of my blog reader who happened to experience a very unusual event.

He was on the phone with me relating his experience where nearly all his tweeters went blank.

The number of birds dropped from as many as 700 pairs to less than 100 pairs.

His agony started when his BH nesting planks with fungus.

Though there were more than 700 pairs of birds he felt that something have to be done to clean up those fungus.

Without any clue on the action of salt water with those wires he did not gave a clear instruction to his workers to stay clear of the wires (exposed connection points).

The planks were cleaned using salt water mixed with raw nests.

The raw nests was used to provide the natural aroma smell while the salt was used to prevent fungus from infesting the plank.

What happened next was damaging.

After the cleaning works he left for UK for a business trip.  He was there for about 2 months.

When he arrived home and inspected his BH the tenants went missing.

The internal sounds were almost dead.

He begin to realise that there was something unusual and how come all the birds were missing.

After some checking he concluded that those salt water accumulated on most of the connection point and with current flowing the joints were disconnected.

All of the tweeters were dead.

He quickly got into action and reconnect his dead tweeters back and within a few days the birds started to return home.

After a few weeks many more came back to populate his BH.

His conclusion was "Pak Harry, when the sounds went dead the birds will run away.  No sound means no birds."

This particular event served as a good lesson to all of us:

1) Be careful when you use salt water to clean fungus those planks. Yes you can use them but make sure your workers are aware of the effects when those salt water touches the cable connection points.

2) It's advisable to use those plastic cover on the connection points of all your BH tweeters.

3) Those birds are very attracted to your sounds.  Make sure all your tweeters are functioning all the time.  If they are not replace them.

Remember no sound equals to no birds ............

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