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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This Can Be The Possible Cause Of Empty BH !!!

(Try to see if you can find the two martins in this picture?)

Is there such thing like birds behaving like lions or leopard or monkeys in controlling their territory?

I would think so and my observation are based on feedbacks from a number of BH owners whose BH are facing a kind of empty BH syndrome.

Today I received a very weird and unusual report about a family of "Martin", a type of house swallows using soil to build their nests, that are territorial and aggressive.

"Pak Harry, I discovered that the two wild birds that are always standing at the front of my BH entrance hole are bullying the real birds and chase them away before entering my BH. My mission now is to lastik them away using catapult."

I called him for a more clearer picture. Prior to this I met him and gave him a digital timer to install at the house to control one of the humidifier's timing.

"Mr L, about your SMS message, can you describe what really happened?" I asked.

"Pak Harry, after I met you I went strait to my BH to install the digital timer. When I arrived I happened to see two swiftlet coming near the entrance hole.  All of a sudden there were two "Martins" that gave chase and they were gave a kind of loud chasing sound. I was very curious about it and keep observing their behaviour and they repeated the chasing on any swiftlet that came near the entrance hole."

"Now I know why my BH is vacant for almost one year.  The culprit is these two whose nest I have just removed.  They build their clay nest inside the monkey house, just after the entrance hole.  My plan now is to eliminate them by using those catapult."

This is a kind of unusual phenomena that never crossed our mind.

Most wild animals have this territorial behaviour.

They tend to protect their area especially where their are building their nest.

With this unusual and weird story please be observant with your BH surroundings, both internally and externally, to ensure that this will not be the cast.

You need to plan as such these Martins will not be the cause of your expensive BH remain vacant.














(They are using those ventilation pipes to stand guard)

My advise is to get rid of the Martin by either set some trap like sticky glue applied to all those places that they love to perch or latched on while waiting to chase after other birds.

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