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Monday, March 19, 2012

What Happen If Your BH Is Too Dry !!!

If your BH is not within the right humidity range what kind of things will happen to your tenant ?

This is something that not many of us understand the consequences of not having your BH in the proper condition.

I have this special experience that I think I must share with all my blog reader.

This have something to do with something that was not within my control.

I was asked to revamp a BH however after doing my job the BH owner did not connect the water supply pipe to the storage tank.

The BH was operated without any drop of water to provide the right humidity which is very crucial to those birds.  Even though I installed those humidifiers but I could not operate them.

After finishing the BH revamp works I asked the site supervisor to arrange to connect the water mains.  Once done I asked him to switch the humidifiers on.

However he did not due to some payment issue with the BH owner.

The BH was running without any water in the storage tank.

Humidity have many functions to your BH.

Most important is to cool the BH down.

The next is to help in the incubation of eggs.  If your BH is too dry the water evaporation will cause the eggs to be dried too.  When this happened the baby that was hatched will be deformed and stuck to the egg's shell.

The BH will be very dry and dusty.  This will cause your nest to be very dirty contaminated by those flying dusts.

One more thing that will happen are the nests shape.  They will be wavy and more often than not cracks.  The cracks area are dangerous to those young birds. Their legs will get entangled with the cracks.

The nests will be brittled and if the nest is too thin the brittle nature will break and drop those young birds that are not ready with their wings to fly.

One very unusual thing that will happened is that the birds will refuse or delay in building their nests.

They have this six senses that if they build their nests and lay eggs there is a very strong chance that their hatched babies will be deformed.

This was exactly happened to this BH that I revamped about 4 months (more) ago in Kuala Krai, Kelantan.

The number of bird shit spots inside the BH was high (55 spots) but after more than 4 months the number of nest detected was only one (still is the early stages).

This means that those birds are staying but they are not going to the next level of building their nests.

Usually the nests number should have been at least 5-10 fully formed nests with 55 bird shits markings on the floor.

So be careful when you run a BH.

Make sure the humidity range required is met.

The right thing to do is to connect those water pipes and ensure that those humidifiers are working.

Use those auto humidity sensor & activator to operate these humidifiers (highly recommended).

Set it at 85%RH.

The BH humidity should be about 85% - 90% RH.

If without any water and humidifier operating the BH will be about 60-65% humidity.  This is your normal air humidity in Malaysia unless it rains for the whole day.

If you use air condition system, your room air is about 40-45% RH.  The air is very dry and this is why you feel cool since it will evaporate your body sweat produced.

Take this advise seriously if you wanted to see more nests in your BH.

Trust me.

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