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Friday, March 30, 2012

Use Your BH As Advertising Board !!!

From far it looks like a nice message welcoming you to this district call "Ledang".

But when you go nearer you realized that the huge welcoming message is posted on one of the walls of a bird house.

Hmm....this gives me the idea of using your BH as your billboard.

I am not very sure of the local rules but this might generate some good income to your investment.

Go and see the local council and ask for their advise first, if you wanted to be sure.

While driving down to Kulai to pick up the balance of items left in the revamped BH I was invited to meet a friend who wanted to discuss about selling his 4X4 to me.

The town to meet was Tangkak Johore in Ledang District.

The moment I entered the exit point just before paying my toll there was this huge BH that welcome me with a welcome to Ledang message.

I was stop for some picture taking and moved towards the toll gate.

What came to my mind was this idea of generating income by using your BH as an advertising wall.

You can generate at least a few thousands a year for allowing some one to use your wall's space and this income can help to finance the maintainence works.

The banner if properly installed, depending on the size and the quality of advertising cloth used, can help to reduce direct sunlight hitting your BH walls.

By minimizing the sun ray hitting the walls directly you might be able to reduce your internal temperatures by at least 0.5*C or more.

Well again your BH must be somewhere closed to a busy junction with lots of human traffics passing by.

No matter what you think about it just take it as one of the possibilities that you that generate income and at the same time reduce the internal temperature.

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