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Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Interesting E-Mail From Vietnam !!!

Just received this message from Vietnam.

Dear Sifu Harry,

How are you?

This week, i decided to change my main external sound to Diamond. This will be played at peak time only to keep its effectiveness last longer.
Though this sound is very old, it is still doing perfect. You can see how many birds keep circling above my rooftop in the morning in the video below.
This BH now have more than 100 nests and nest markings after 5 months in operation.
There is another good news i would like to tell you. My second BH in Can Gio which is next to my dual entrance BH is doing great as well.
We had about 20 birds stayed overnight on the first day in operation. After 3 days, we have 60. Now, after 5 days, we have more than 100.
This video was captured today when the birds was entering my BH. 

In this second BH, i try implementing some new things from my observation and experience.
Their effectiveness is still under evaluation. I will tell you after the testing period.

Thanks for everything you taught me. 

Your technique in swiftlet farming is more than great. It's PERFECT.


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