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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Amplifier That You Can Change Your BH Sound Automatically !!!

Something new and you might want to try this out.

"Pak Harry I send you my latest gadget that allows you to automatically change your external or internal sound one a daily, every two days, every three days, every four days, every five days, every six days or weekly."

Hmm it sound interesting and challenging.

The gadget was just put into operation last week and I learned about how to used it only yesterday.

As mentioned earlier the guy who developed these so called solid state gadget loves to experiment with new things.

He specializes in solid state amplifiers and solar system.

This latest gadget was put together with a set of timing and what he wanted to do is to arrange my choice of sounds appropriately.

Once the selected sounds are arrange in the way I wanted it to run the system will take over switching them to the predetermined time or days.

Very simple and interesting to apply.

I will be setting the system up and hopefully it will be put into test this week.

Those who would like to have one please call 0177551318

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