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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let Us Experiment With Aromatic Nesting Planks !!!

(Picture showing my general worker applying a special plank aroma on a just installed nesting planks )

What if we apply a suitable plank aroma just after the installation were done?

I have been toying with this new idea and have not done it before.

This time around I prepared the aroma and got a general worker to use those "Shallex" brush to apply on the newly installed planks.

The idea is to make the nesting planks inside my VIP room to be more attractive as compared to the main hall area.

This batch of aroma was made of same kind of nest water and sea weed.

I hope I can make another new formulation for the next VIP room.

Each VIP room will be applied with different kind of aroma that I can come out with.

The most important precaution is to make sure the room that you applied the aroma must be properly aired to quickly dry the planks.  If not properly dried those mould will start growing.

I am sure you must have thought about this method before but be careful.

"Never ever try to apply any aroma that are made of bird shit water."

The smell of these shit on the nesting plank will make the birds to think that there is another nest above the spot they landed.

Once that is in their mind they will avoid selecting that particular spot.

Remember if there is another nest directly above the spot, there is a very strong chances that those baby birds upstairs will drop their poops into your house.

You will soon see the lower nest being flooded with bird's poops.

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