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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Tour On The Roof Of A Birdhouse In Dengkil !!!

I found my way up on the top of this BH at Dengkil.

The fabricator allocated a small hole on the ceiling that allows anyone to climb up and do repair works.

My main aim was to view how to get on the top of the monkey house and remove those wooden frame and its zinc.

Once that is done I would be able to instruct my workers to install a number of tweeters around the walls surfaces.

While on the top I did some survey on what the contractor did with the BH.

It was an amazing finding and scary too.

This BH was with double walls.

The gap between the two walls was something unusual.

It was about 2 feet apart.

You can literally get yourself stuck in between without any one know that you are fell into it.

There were no cover to prevent any accident that might happen.

However I must admit that the whole BH, inside the BH, the temperature were cool all the time.

The air gaps must be functioning well to prevent those heat from tranfering into the BH.

An interesting method on how to cool down your BH.

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