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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dengkil: The One And Only !!!

I wanted to include this article as a matter of my record.

The above picture was taken inside this BH in Dengkil Selangor during my revamp works.

This was the only nest in the three stories high BH after being put into operation for almost 8 months.

The nest was found on the top most floor very closed to the monkey house roving area.

With my relocation of the main entrance door connecting the roving room and the nesting room the area where the nest was at will be brighther and there is a strong chance that the bird will move out.

I gave my prediction to the owner that the tenant of the nest will give up the nest and move further in.

Main reason being the light from the monkey house coming via the connecting door will be too bright.

As such they will feel unsafe thus will need to find another darker area that will make them feel safer.

This was just my prediction and we shall see if it will be as per my prediction.

The said nest was still under construction and about 3/4 finished with no egg yet.

Usually they will not run away once they have started building their nest inside.

Let monitor the nest progress and I hope my prediction is correct.

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