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Monday, February 3, 2014

There Is A Snake In This BH !!!

Another white skin left by a snake in a BH.

This was my second time finding the skin on the floor.

I remembered about 6 months ago there was one similar and I managed to remove the snake.

This time around I was not able to find where this snake hid.

A good lesson to learn from this scary finding is that I need to carry a stick when entering any BH for inspection or routine maintenance.

It is nice to carry one so that you can quickly act upon finding any predators inside.

One common predator that you can catch would be those Tokek lizard.

I came accrosed a number of times.

The stick will be valuable to restore order in the BH.

These two predators will usually scare away your new birds and at the same time might cause your young baby birds will refuse to return home.

I will either catch those predators or eliminate them for good.

So on your next visit to your BH be observant and carry a stick with you.

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