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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

34 Participants Attended My October 2nd Seminar !!!


It was another full house and the participants went wild with the itinerary.

The highlight of the day was to take a bus ride to Kepong to view a BH in operation.

Just imagine a bus load of people visiting a BH on the top of a shop lot.

What I did was to split the group into two and brought them in two batches.

The went wild and from just 45 minutes it went to more then  1 hour.

The lunch was great and every one enjoy the sumptuous buffet at the One World Hotel coffee house.

I feel good when every person that I talked to feel that they are now a different person.

They are not ready to be a successful swiftlet farmer.

I hope to organize my next workshop in December 2010.

Enjoy the pictures taken during the seminar:

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