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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Insect Barn Unit In Kulai, Johore Is Doing Well !!!

I got some interesting pictures and a video clip to share.

This have something to do with the insect barn that I was trying to promote.

I installed one unit in Kulai, Johore about 20 days and it was doing fine.

I took some pictures to proof my prediction that it will do well.

These pictures were taken in the dark and I was lucky that the iPhone 4S do have a flash bulb.

The brown coloured rounded or should I say mini rugby balls are the pupa where those maggot transform before turning into flying fruit flies.

You can see a lot of those white maggots climbing up searching for suitable location to transform into pupa.

Please enjoy viewing and watching.

I hope they gives you some idea what will happen when you start installing those insect barn in you BH.

If you wanted to try please let me know.

Call now at 017 7551318.

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