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Monday, June 4, 2012

Original VIP Bird Sound Recorded In Penang !!!

Something very interesting that happened during my last visit to a BH in Penang.

I managed to record the sound of baby birds singing while the younger one crying for food.

The best was the sound of echo sound clicks that were used by some of those visitors in the VIP room.

They came closed to my iPhone and I am amused with the originality of the sound.

Last night managed to edit the sound and come out with my special sound called "OohLaLa".

I will be happy to share this sound with those who appreciate new sounds.

Let me know your interest and it will cost you only RM100 for this special sound and limited to first 5 persons.

All sound to be delivered by post laju on thumb drive.

If you do not know how to use it let me know.

I have this special idea on how to make your VIP room sound as if there are many young birds inside.

Call me or email your interest.

Special Announcement:  Those who join the coming Swiftlet Farming Seminar at Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley City with be entitled free for this VIP room Sound.


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