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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Result of Aluminium Fake Nests With Fermented Raw Nest !!!

I remembered some time ago writing about a few articles about luring those wild birds to those aluminium fake nest laced with fermented raw nest.

The first article about it was in 2009 (CLICK HERE)

The other interesting article was written in March 2012 can be found HERE.

About two to three months ago I installed about 12 pieces of those aluminium fake nests in a BH in Kulai.

To test if they will be more attracted to these fake nests I actually laced or insert those soaked raw nest it between the aluminium plate and the nesting planks.

The result is something that can be proud of.

They came to stay in this newly revamped BH but the key point here is that two couples chose the aluminium fake nests as compared to the rest that were not laced with the raw nests.

This might be a coincidental but you never know.

Out of 12 aluminium fake nests two were with nests.

I think they like the smell and at the same time the aluminium fake nests is pretty attractive in the sense of it rough surface.

The point here is that the test went pretty well and we can conclude that there is a very strong chance of populating your aluminium fake nests using those fermented raw nests.

Those of you who have never try this simple and effective idea please take a small time to try it out.

If you need these fake nests please let me know.

I will be very happy to deliver to your door step (by post laju).

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