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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
Calling for participants to this special Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah. You will be given the opportunity to learn and at same time to enter two BHs plus how to prepare MV3 aroma, Seminar will be held at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan Sabah. For detail please PM 0177551318

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Typical And Dangerous Approach In Starting A BH !!!

Out of the seven participants participated in my November 3rd 2012 Swiftlet farming seminar two were rushing to build a BH, two already have their BHs while the rest were on their research path.

The two who is rushing seems to be like wanting to rush to the airport to catch the next flight out of town.

They have just bought a piece of land in Vo Kong in Vietnam and wanted to start their first BH as soon as they reach home after attending my Seminar.

They behave as if tomorrow is the last day of this planet earth.  Rushing to get all the information about designing and finishing their dream house.

One participant from Sabah was a bit cool.

He was with me yesterday alone visiting a BH that I have it keys with me.

His concern was more about his one month old wooden BH that was erected by a contractor of whom was recommended by a well known BH owner.

"Pak Harry what concern me most is that the contractor have too little knowledge and his finishing were a bit too bare.  Only 60 tweeters for two floors."

He showed me the sketch of his BH and ask my sincere comment about what should be done to improve his chances.

After briefly looking at the sketch I recommended him to do a few things.

First I asked him to relocate the hexagonal tweeter to a new location.  I told him to push the position to be above the entrance hole.  Currently it was a bit far from the main entrance hole. Remember the height above the roof to be about 1.5 feet high.

The second was to install about 50 or more of those fake nests.  He can either buy some from me or perhaps use those 3/4" thick styrofoam and cut them into about 1"X5" each.

"You can buy these styrofoam from any stationary shops that sells books and items for school going children."

The third suggestion was to use the "Super Pheromone" on those fake nests and those corners closed to those internal sound playing tweeters.  Try to control the usage.  Use about 1/3 cannister per occasion. I guaranteed him that these Pherome works well in Sabah.  I have a person in Sabah who showed me his proofs that it works in your hometown, i stressed to him.

I also asked him to apply those kite tweeters.  Install about 2 pieces per floor.  Install them somewhere where you wanted those birds to build their nests, I told him.

The most important is to try to change those internal and external sound.  My suggestion was to change his internal sound to babyking and the external using my Super 208.

My final advice to him was to invite me to have a site visit of his BH and perhaps allow me to prepare a full report on what I believed can be done to improve his BH further.

It was a very fruitful time with me, he said.  Thank you very much Pak Harry and your have been a very honest man who do not take advantage of a newbie like me.

I reminded him that I am doing all these teaching because of my objective in this retired age.  My main objective is to help people to reduce their failure rate.

If I can help one newbie a month is good enough. Follow my suggestion and I think you will find that they will help to populate your BH.

Thank your god for giving this opportunity to come and meet me.

I am very honoured to have met you, I told him.

There were another two Filipinos newbies who also followed one of visit arrange earlier.  They were on a research journey.

"Pak Harry, I am not sure if in Philippine those swiftlet are available.  I will do the test call and once they responded to your Duress sound I will inform you.  Thank you for your suggestion to use your Black cloud as a spare sound."

Both were satisfied with the way I handle the seminar plus taking them to view a number of stand alone BHs on Sunday.

"Pak Harry you have not failed us.  The moment we started reading you blog we told ourselves that we need to meet you one day.  Now we are with you and from what were read and listen to your talk it was the most satisfying thing to have come and meet you in person.  You are a true sincere person who share all his knowledge like no others."

I feel so happy with the kind remarks they made.

Deep inside me I feel that there is still a lot more things to do.

There are many many more newbies out there who not as fortunate as these people who attended my seminar.

I wish that all of them can at least attend my seminar one time in their life before they start building their dream BH.

Please come and listen to what I have discovered and use them to your advantage.

Every person who attend my Seminar will turn into a new person with lots of knowledge that can be used as their weapon to move into this swiftlet farming war zone.

You cannot go to a war with just a knife or no weapon.  You need to be ready with every possible weapon to face your challenges.

Please try to attend my informative and valuable seminars.  They are worth every penny that you pay me.

If you can try to refresh your knowledge once a year by attending refresher course.

Call 0177551318 today and book a seat for my next Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held on January 5th 2013. Catch the three early birds seats.

Remember you have a chance to visit a BH in operation.

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