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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
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Friday, July 4, 2014

Bird Monitoring At Kapar BH: Another Strange Thing Happened !!!

The owner Whatsapp to me the following message:

"I can assure the reading gonna be not much significant.  Anyway I will do that." he was more like protesting that he don't like the weekly routine picture taking.

He was right but I think he was also wrong. !!!!

This was the result when I reminded him that he need to snap a picture on the recorder.

Well after a short while he sent this picture to me:

Just look the the number recorded on Saturday, June 28th 2014.

It went up to 680 and there was no clear explanation why????

Earlier I allowed the owner to enter his BH and conduct some count and he replied that the nests now has risen to only 80 which means the number of birds inside the BH at any one time should be above 180.

So how come on June 28th the number shot up to 680?

If you look at the picture one more time and look at what happen on Thursday June 26th?

The number was also high at 385.

What can be the possible reasons?

Mind boggling but we need to think the possible reasons.

The owner suspected that those birds play around the counter gadget.

Each come in and out at least three times.

He might be half right but how come they are doing it only on Saturday?

I suspect that on this particular Saturday there are more young birds that were released or took their first flight out of their nests.

These young birds might not be from this same BH alone but might be from other BHs closed to this BH.

They might have passed by and on the way home they stop by to enjoy the new fresh external sound that I set.

Once they fall in love with the attractive sound they will play at the window and there will be a very strong chance that some might venture inside the BH.

This is where you might attract a few of them to be your tenant.

The moment they venture deeper into your BH and if they like some of those things example those fake nests, aroma and those tweeters, they might move in.

You are now having a good chance to get new young birds into your BH.

So we now know that every time there are lots of young birds in the air your entrance door playing a good sound will have a heavy activities.

The heavy activities will exposed your BH to a new young visitors.

It is now how well you prepare your BH to pull them inside and lure them to be their new house.

So be wise about this article.

Make sure during the release of new birds out of their nests you need to get ready with your BH for them to migrate.

Call me if you need some advise about the monitoring system or any matters pertaining to swiftlet farming.

Call now at 017 7551318

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