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Belara BH: Coming Home Time

Belara BH: After My Expert The Revamp Operation !!!

My Schedule For Next Week June and July 2015

June 13th 2015 - Inspection a sick BH at Kampung Alur Limbat Trengganu. (Done)

June 15th 2015 - Mobilize to Belara one more time. (Done)

June 22nd 2015 - Complete Belara BH Revamp Operation. (Done)

June 30th 2015 - Hand over of Belara BH to Felda Wellness.(done)

June 27 2015 - Inspection on the effectiveness of Aroma at Kapar Kuala Selangor BH. (Done)

July 4th -5th 2015- Inspection of a sick BH at Kuala Lipis, Pahang.(Postponed)

July 11th 2015 - Inpsection of BH in Rembau.

July 12th 2015- Inspection of a BH at Lukut.

July 13th 2015 - July 19th 2015: Will be at Sungai Patani.

July 14th 2015 - Inspection of Bumbung Lima BH.

July 15th 2015 - Inspection of Bujang Valley BH.

July 16th 2015 - Inspection of Padang Temusu BH.

July 25th 2015 - Inspection of a BH in Kuala Kangsar Perak (tentative)

September 2015 - Inspection Of a BH at Bagan Dato.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trip To Kuala Krai, Kelantan !!!

I was invited to view an Eco Swiftlet Park in Kuala Krai, Kelantan.

In the beginning I thought the trip will be just one day or two but after looking at the activities in Kuala Krai I decided to move to Kota Bahru.

In Kota Bahru met one of my GAHP attendee stick very closed for most of the time in Kelantan.

Managed to observe a few interesting and will try to cover these observations in a few on my articles.

1) Eco Park in Kuala Krai.

2) Swiftlet Food Using Logs.

3) Visit to Besut.

4) Swiftlet Olympic

5) Kota Bahru Should Be called Swiftlet City and Not Islamic city.

6) ZangToi was Borned In This Birdhouse !!!

7) Politically Speaking, Pas Is for Swiftlet Farming.

Will touch on all these titles once my wife is off my back

1 comment:

victor said...

Harry, I love your sense of Humour!!

Very serious notes from 1) to 8) then suddendly humour "wife off my back!!"

That's why I keep coming back to your blog.

Cheers & keep the good work going!!

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